The Must-Have Fraud Prevention Guide for Email Marketers in 2018

Email Marketing Fraud GuideFraud Even Impacts Email Marketers

Email marketing is more prevalent than ever, and with fraud running rampant, it’s crucial that those either running campaigns, or involved in anyway, know the risks of email fraud, and the best strategies that top companies use to prevent it.

Fraud can not only be harmful to your website, revenue, and customer data but also your email metrics and overall deliverability of advertising campaigns.

Now, it’s crucial to be able to recognize the different types of email fraud and the different levels of harm they can cause to you and your business. Chances are, you’ve received the standard scam emails, phishing for credit cards, social account details, or other personal information.

These aren’t the fraudsters you need to worry about.

The real damage occurs with the sophisticated cyber criminals with the resources and knowledge to actually trick people and steal their information and money.

Quick Must-Know Strategies to Prevent Email Fraud

While the very best course of action in consistently detecting and preventing email fraud is to use email address verification tools and VPN/Proxy blockers, there are dozens of easy strategies and tips that if implemented, can save you hours of headaches.

  • If you have any suspicions about an email, or don’t recognize the sender, delete it, don’t open it, don’t reply to it and don’t click on any attachments.
  • If you receive an email from someone that you know, but it just feels off, their account could have been compromised and the hacker is now phishing for information.
  • Stay on the lookout for emails that are not personalized. Many phishing emails will start with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, because the spammers are sending them out to masses of people. Legitimate messages, from places you’re already signed up for , will most often address you by name.
  • Refrain from directly following a link within an email to connect to a site unless you’re absolutely trust who it’s from. These links can lead to decoy or fake websites which look very similar to the real thing. Instead, open a new window and type the URL in directly.
  • Stay on top of your software. Most email suites and web browsers will have settings you can adjust to ensure maximum security, and it’s worth taking some time to learn your way around them.
  • Beware of emails that are persuading you to take actions under time pressures. Authentic organizations probably won’t need you to take urgent action to prevent your account being shut down. This is usually fraudsters trying to panic users into handing over data, and is pretty common for hackers impersonating social media websites like Instagram to collect your login data.
  • Install the most effective security software and keep all your systems updated regularly.

If you follow all the above steps, chances are, you’ll be fine. Although most of the above tips can be applied for both personal and corporate email accounts, there are several extra precautions and tools that mid to large scale online businesses should be utilizing.

Email Verification API

One of the most popular services used by email marketers serious about preventing fraud, is email verification API’s,

“Well, what can you do with it?”

With email verification tools, you’ll be able to detect when fraudsters are using temporary or disposable email services, which the majority of fraudsters will use to attempt to mask their identity.

And once these fraudsters are detected, the tool suite will automatically add their IP address to a constantly updated blacklist, to prevent fraudsters from trying to scam you ever again.

Not only will this help protect your data and personal information, but will also improve the metrics of your email campaigns to represent accurate data, as well as increase the value of your signups and paid traffic.


While email fraud is readily apparent in 2018, fraudsters are getting smarter everyday, so it’s your job as an email marketer or business owner to get smarter as well.

There are tons of easy and free strategies, like the ones listed above, that you can implement today in 15 minutes during lunch. In addition there’s a wealth of free resources available online, if you’d like to dig a little deeper.


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